The services below are designed to be more than words on a page. The advice and counsel given is targeted towards the following :

  • Maximizing Revenue - Achieving higher occupancy by understanding and aggressively pursuing the event market. Establishing an effective in-house services group and/or receiving fair and sustainable commissions from outside contractors.
  • Controlling Expenses - Auditing unnecessary staff and variable labor costs. Controlling utility and maintenance costs.
  • Managing deferred maintenance budgets
  • Making Sensible Capital Investments

Strategic Planning and Guidance - The strategic planning process is a hard and disciplined assessment of physical assets and the market environment. Sometimes it takes a seasoned professional, one who has been through the process, to identify realistic goals and offer ideas and ways to either exploit business opportunities or create new ones. The focus of this service will always be to improve and sustain high occupancy.

Market Analysis - The process of pursuing the best market possibilities is a combination of market data analysis and professional judgement and experiences. MTMConsult can provide the best vertical markets to pursue.

New Construction - Owner's Representative - MTMConsult assists owners in translating their strategic vision and operational demands into functional design requirements - thereby enabling the architectural team to achieve a design consistent with the owner's needs. Whether for new construction or renovation, MTMConsult brings an experienced operational point of view ranging a variety of issues; from space programming, to proper freight handling access, to specifying maintainable finishes. MTMConsult can also be on hand for the construction stage to look at phasing, craftmanship, change orders and punch list items.

Pre - Opening Services - A well organized opening is always a formidable task for any management team. In some ways the preparation is much like writing a series of "how to" manuals. There is however, a great deal more; from matters of corporate governance to facility emergency procedures. Everything needs to be rehearsed and tested. Typical start-up items are:

  • Table of Organization and Head Count Plan
  • Preparation of an Annual Operating Budget
  • Preparation of an FF&E Budget
  • Preparation of an Annual Operational Supply Budget (consummables, spare parts, tools, etc. )

Development of New Profit Centers - Rent and commissions are not enough to prevent a convention center from operating in the red. Business opportunities such as, offering utility services, transportation, advertising and sponsorships are a few of many, often - missed   opportunities. Besides pointing out the possibilities, MTMConsult can do all the business planning, risk assessment and return on investment calculations needed for a convention center to expand its profit centers.

Labor Negotiations - A convention center's business reputation is defined by the labor force which builds, dismantles and services events. Too often, because of poorly devised collective bargaining agreements, and poorly managed contract administration, convention center management is unable to properly shape and control this important aspect of the business. MTMConsult can play the role as advisor and planner, negotiator, and management trainer. It can be done in collaboration with one of the nation's leading employer focused law firms. The approach will always be in a logical, disciplined and non-provocative manner.

Ad Hoc Services -  

  • Venue Brand Analysis
  • Operational Audits
  • Policy Analysis
  • Pricing Audits
  • Facility Audits
  • Energy Audits
  • Management Recruiting
  • Management Training